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EPA Failure to Regulate CO2 Emissions - A Missed Opportunity

WASHINGTON, DC - The following statement was issued by Katherine Silverthorne, Director, U.S. Climate Change Program, World Wildlife Fund, following today's announcement of EPA's decision:

"The U.S. is urgently in need of action to begin to reduce heat-trapping CO2 emissions. The EPA's decision is a disappointment. It represents a missed opportunity and an ignored obligation to benefit people, nature and our economy.

"The agency's justification appears to defy both the facts and the law. Administration reports show that climate change caused by carbon dioxide emissions harms public health, welfare, and the environment, exactly the kind of impacts the Clean Air Act was designed to prevent. But instead of acting, the agency is merely acting concerned.

"Perhaps the stealth holiday weekend announcement by an exiting General Counsel of an agency with no administrator in place can shield the administration EPA from the fallout over an unpopular decision. Unfortunately, nothing will shield the planet from the consequences of this misguided course."