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Galàpagos Fishermen's Siege Raises Environmental Questions

WWF experts offer insight on stakes and options for resolution

The ongoing occupation of national park offices and a research station in the Galàpagos Islands is prompting serious questions about the impact of demands for their release on natural and economic health of the Islands. The small group of fishermen holding the facilities on Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands are demanding an end to fishing regulations designed to protect the world renowned archipelago.

World Wildlife Fund played a critical role in crafting and implementing the fishing regulations at the center of the dispute. Our experts in Washington, DC and based in the currently occupied area of Santa Cruz can provide valuable insight into the importance of the regulations to the short and long term health of the Galápagos fishery, the welfare of local communities and the Islands' fabled environmental treasures. WWF will be closely monitoring the situation and offering recommendations for its resolution by Ecuadorian officials.