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Global Warming is Serious Threat Say 73% of American Voters

Washington, D.C. - According to a new poll released today by World Wildlife Fund, 73% of American voters believe that global warming is a serious threat while 80% want the U.S. government to take action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the most abundant greenhouse gas. Results of the poll, conducted by The Mellman Group, will be distributed to delegates at both national conventions - delivered to Republican Delegates today and tomorrow.

"All Americans, no matter what their party affiliation, want the U.S. government to take action to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming," said Jennifer Morgan, director of World Wildlife Fund's Climate Change Campaign. "We call on all politicians to address this demand and outline a domestic plan to reduce carbon pollution."

These results also demonstrate that the majority of Americans support a strong Kyoto Protocol, the international climate agreement that will be finalized in The Hague after the November elections. Support for the Kyoto Protocol transcends partisan lines with majorities of Republicans (69%), Independents (74%), and Democrats (85%) favoring the international agreement.

A plurality feel action to stem global warming would help, rather than hurt, the economy, and 67% agree that, "The United States should take action to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions regardless of what other countries do."

"Pundits and politicians in both parties often dismiss global warming as a fringe issue," said Mark Mellman of The Mellman Group. "This poll shows that they could not be more out of touch with the American people. This survey clearly shows that Americans believe global warming is serious, happening now, and that the government should take action to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming."

Voters are also paying attention to the rising temperatures and extreme weather nationwide. The survey shows that 75% of the electorate believe it is likely that global warming is causing extreme weather patterns to be more frequent.

The national public opinion survey of 800 registered votes was conducted by random digit dial and has a statistical margin of error for the sample as a whole of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

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You can also download (pdf format) the question wording and topline results from this survey.