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Historic Bill to Limit Carbon Dioxide Pollution Reveals Need for US Action on Global Warming

Statement by Brooks Yeager - Vice President, Globa

WASHINGTON -- "Today's announcement of House legislation to limit heat-trapping carbon dioxide pollution reflects building momentum in the United States for responsible action to address global warming."

"Limits on heat-trapping carbon emissions are urgently needed to protect American communities and the wild places we love from the impacts of global warming. By sponsoring a House Climate Stewardship Act, this bi-partisan group has set the stage for the U.S. House of Representatives to address the root cause of global warming -- carbon emissions from the burning of dirty fossil fuels.

"Unfortunately, the House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-Texas) seems to be headed in the wrong direction and recently announced misguided plans to 'turn up the heat' to pass a truly backward-looking House energy bill. Today's Climate Stewardship Act offers a correction in House direction: it's time to turn down the heat and slow global warming.

"Responsible leaders should embrace a limit on heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions and use existing solutions such as energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources to achieve it."