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"Hotter Than I Should Be": WWF Launches New Campaign to Fight Global Warming

World Wildlife Fund today introduced a bold consumer campaign created to aid in the world's fight against global warming.  A series of public service announcements will air this month dramatically demonstrating how unchecked climate change will affect average lives.  The new public service announcements show a young boy playing baseball elbow deep in water and a couple being married amid a torrential hurricane. 

"Americans are increasingly aware of the very real threats of global warming and want to do their part to save our world," said Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund.  "Ignoring climate change won't make it go away."

In addition to 30-second TV spots and three print ads, the campaign features a new website -- -- which provides interactive tools consumers can use to evaluate how they are personally contributing to global warming.  Included are:

  • An online calculator to find out how much carbon dioxide consumers are contributing and tips they can follow to reduce their individual emissions, like washing their clothes in cold or warm water or buying a programmable thermostat.


  • Links to information on the causes of global warming, how it's affecting the planet and what WWF is doing to address climate change.


  • A blog where consumers can post their personal commitments to stop global warming, pass on useful suggestions and celebrate successes.

WWF is working to stop climate change by providing cutting-edge science, championing policies to reduce carbon emissions and mobilizing businesses to drive new and innovative solutions. With a team of dedicated experts working in more than 50 countries, WWF is focusing efforts on creating responsible global warming policy; working with businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions; implementing adaptation plans for high risk communities; and protecting forests that help mitigate climate change.

The public can show their support for WWF’s work and halting global warming by wearing an exclusive WWF “Hotter Than I Should Be” t-shirt, made of 100 percent organic cotton and available with a donation of $50 or more to WWF through the global warming website.

"Our goal is to use these t-shirts is to increase awareness of global warming in general and the role each individual plays in particular," Roberts said. "We need to continually remind each other of the massive responsibility each of us has to protect our planet."