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IBM Extends Partnership with WWF's Climate Savers Program

WASHINGTON, DC, May 21, 2009 – World Wildlife Fund and IBM today announced that IBM is furthering its participation in the WWF Climate Savers program, committing to a second generation Climate Savers goal to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 12 percent below 2005 levels by 2012.  IBM expects the reductions will build upon the company's prior success in cutting carbon emissions by nearly 2.7 million metric tons between 1990 and 2005—equivalent to 40 percent of the company’s 1990 global greenhouse gas emissions—and saving over $270 million through its annual energy conservation actions. 

“As one of two original members of the Climate Savers program, we’ve had the opportunity to share measurable results and best practices and demonstrate the benefits -- both to business and the environment -- of taking early actions to address the challenges of climate change,” said Wayne Balta, IBM’s vice president for Corporate Environmental Affairs and Product Safety. “This new commitment with WWF will not only address our own global operations but also extend our technologies and services to clients.” 

IBM also announced its intention to offer energy and greenhouse gas emissions management solutions to other Climate Savers companies to assist them in addressing climate challenges and achieving their emission reduction goals.  IBM will provide these services at the request and expense of participating Climate Savers companies.

“IBM has been a great partner and a pioneer in voluntary emission reductions to address climate change,” said Jason Clay, WWF’s senior vice president for markets.  “In order to ensure that the Earth’s resources are utilized sustainably, we need to partner with businesses that are primary users of those resources.  Through collaborations like our partnership with IBM, we identify win-win opportunities that results in long-term environmental and economic benefits.” 

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