Last Month Was Hottest June On Record, Raising Urgency Of Passing Climate Legislation, Says WWF

NOAA Announcement is Latest in String of Record Heat Events in 2010

WASHINGTON, DC, July 15, 2010 – With the US Senate back from recess and preparing to take up a climate and clean energy bill, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration today announced that last month was the hottest June in recorded history.  The record, the latest in a string of climate extremes this year, underscores the urgency of passing a climate bill that limits the fossil fuel pollution that is causing Earth’s climate to change in dangerous and costly ways, said World Wildlife Fund officials.

“Climate change is not some abstract phenomenon that will affect us sometime in the distant future.  It is happening now and its impacts are being felt across the country in the form of record-shattering heat waves, flooding rains, persistent droughts and other extreme weather events,” said Lou Leonard, Director of US Climate Policy for WWF.  “The changes we are already experiencing are not just causing uncomfortable living conditions for Americans.  They are threatening human health, destroying our natural heritage, jeopardizing our agriculture industry and putting our economy and national security at risk.

“The Senate is now at the proverbial fork in the road.  One path leads to a clean energy future marked by economic growth, new jobs and a stable climate.  The other leads to further strains on our economy as climate impacts worsen, our oil dependence deepens and America cedes millions of new clean energy jobs to China and Europe. This should be a no brainer for Senators.

“To effectively put America on a path toward a safer, healthier future, the Senate must pass a bill that includes a clear target to reduce the amount of oil America consumes and a quick timeline for limiting all fossil fuel pollution. Only by breaking our addiction to dirty, dangerous fossil fuels can we maximize job creation and minimize future climate-related impacts,” said Leonard.

Below is a list of recent announcements showing the dramatic warming of the planet:

  • Globally, June 2010 was the warmest June on record (announced by NOAA today):
  • Globally, January through June 2010 was the warmest January through June period in recorded history (announced by NOAA today and NASA last week).
  • In the Eastern US, April through June 2010 was the hottest April through June period on record (announced by NOAA last week).
  • Tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures, from which hurricanes derive their strength, have been at record high levels for the past five consecutive months, leading to the most severe hurricane season forecast in history.