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Leadership from Congress on Climate

Statement by Katherine Silverthorne Senior Policy Officer, Climate Change Campaign

"Congresswoman Barbara Lee's resolution adds to the building evidence that Congress knows the science on climate change is in, and what is needed now is action. Recent polls could not show more clearly that the American people are looking to elected officials to address the pollution that causes climate change. We endorse this important resolution which calls on the US to act and to live up to our current obligations under the Rio climate treaty.

"There is bipartisan support for cutting carbon dioxide emissions as illustrated by bills to cut emissions from power plants in both the House and Senate. Bipartisan leadership is also essential to defend the funding in the new budget for programs that hold short and long term solutions to climate change - programs such as energy efficiency and renewable energy research and development.

"Climate change is a global problem and it will take action in the U.S. and internationally to solve this threat. By rejecting both the Kyoto Protocol and regulating carbon emissions from power plants, the Bush Administration has turned its back on two of the most promising avenues to achieve emissions reductions. The Administration's current position spells disaster for communities and wildlife around the globe."