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McCain-Lieberman Bill is Potential Jump-Start for US Policy on Global Warming

Statement by Katherine Silverthorne Deputy Director, U.S. Climate Change Program, World Wildlife Fund

WASHINGTON - "It's encouraging to see real action on the environment by senior statesmen so early in the new Congress. The McCain-Lieberman bill could jump-start US policy on global warming.

"As recent scientific articles in Nature illustrated so clearly, the clock is ticking for the United States to implement solutions to reduce heat-trapping CO2 emissions. These senior statesmen know that responsible leaders can?t afford to delay action on the CO2 problem.

"While WWF will continue to pay close attention to the details, this bill could start the US on a downward CO2 emissions trend in time to avoid devastating impacts on the world's biodiversity. Senators McCain and Lieberman advocate a responsible approach that takes advantage of available solutions in contrast to the Bush Administration's 'wait and see' approach."