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More than $90 Million Awarded to Promote Sustainable Supply Chains

World Wildlife Fund President and CEO Carter Roberts today released the following statement in reaction to the announcement by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that it would allocate $90 million in grants to advance conservation by decoupling food production from negative environmental impacts.

“We have long understood that we cannot succeed in our mission unless we solve the interconnected threats of climate change and unsustainable food production. These are the two horsemen of the apocalypse in our work. Not enough of the world’s attention has been focused on food, but the Moore Foundation just placed a huge bet to solve this problem with leading practitioners, including WWF, which has devoted extraordinary effort to this topic over the past 10 years. It’s one of the most fascinating initiatives in our field and one that will accelerate new solutions and new partnerships that matter. This is not your traditional conservation strategy. This continues Moore’s devotion to operate at the cutting edge of conservation and aim for the greatest impact at scale, no matter how hard or challenging that may be."