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NRC Report Underscores Need to get off Fossil Fuels

Today the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences released a study detailing the abrupt impacts of climate change. In response, World Wildlife Fund Vice President of Climate Change Lou Leonard issued the following statement:

“We often fall into the trap of thinking about climate change as the next generation’s problem, but as this study makes clear, major impacts are already here. Even small changes like the number of frost-free days can mean the extinction or survival of entire species.

“This study confirms that some things are changing so fast – like the length and timing of growing seasons, and the frequency and intensity of extreme storms – that some species can neither move nor adapt fast enough. If you needed strong, scientific evidence that climate change is having abrupt impacts, your Christmas present has arrived early this year.

“While developing an early warning system to anticipate the surprises from climate change, as called for in the report, would be a positive step toward adapting to these new challenges, we also need to attack the problem at its source—our dependence on fossil fuels. The solution exists; renewable energy technologies are poised and ready for mass adoption. In the light of such strong evidence of the impacts of climate change, we can’t let inertia be our excuse for inaction.”

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