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Preventing doomsday: WWF scientist shares insights on SCI FI Channel June 14

Tonight, on the SCI FI Channel, TODAY Show host Matt Lauer brings home some of the dramatic changes occurring in our natural world in Countdown to Doomsday.

Cataclysmic change looms. The future is lost. Or is it?

Join WWF Conservationist, Dr. Richard Carroll, as he shares his firsthand observations on the forces threatening species' survival in the Congo Basin including uncontrolled logging, agricultural encroachment, mining and poaching. Dr. Carroll recounts how logging roads can provide access to the forest for poachers, which in addition to endangering species also results in reduced food sources for people, instability in the region, and lost economic revenues from tourism income.

Read more about the important work WWF is doing and how you can help alter the course of extinctions, global warming, and other issues such as illegal forestry and unsustainable agriculture across the planet.

Species Extinctions. Did you know that safeguarding specific sites around the world could help stave off an imminent global extinction crisis?

Global Warming. It tops the list as one of the most pervasive threats to our planet's biodiversity - in some areas rivaling and even surpassing deforestation as the main threat to biodiversity. See what WWF is already doing to address Climate Change.

Take action today! Add your name to constituents around the country calling for protecting the Endangered Species Act.