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Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue to Meet in Norway

Meeting Open to All

BERGEN, NORWAY: The Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue will meet in Bergen, Norway this week to present draft environmental indicators for the salmon farming industry. More than 90 people – including representatives from environmental organizations, salmon producers and scientists from the world’s most prominent salmon farming regions – are expected to attend and provide feedback on the draft indicators.

“The goal of the Dialogue is to create performance-based standards that minimize or eliminate the key environmental and social impacts of salmon farming, while permitting the industry to remain economically viable,” said Dialogue Steering Committee member Kjell Maroni of FHL.

The Dialogue meetings are open to anybody who wants to participate. The Dialogue actively seeks people with a broad range of expertise and experiences to provide input on the development of credible standards.  Input from this week’s Dialogue meeting will be used by the Steering Committee to finalize the indicators and develop draft standards.

The Dialogue, a science-based process, will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Dialogue’s multi-stakeholder Steering Committee will also meet Monday and Thursday to prepare for the meeting and develop a work plan for the Dialogue’s next steps. Other aquaculture-related events occurring in Bergen this week are the sole responsibility of the event organizers and not endorsed by the Dialogue’s Steering Committee.

“Almost two-thirds of the world’s salmon comes from fish farms, mainly in Chile and Norway,” said Dialogue Steering Committee member Jose Villalon of World Wildlife Fund, which coordinates the Dialogue. “Clearly, this industry is a significant player economically and environmentally in many regions. Through the Dialogue, NGOs and the industry are working together to understand the key impacts related to salmon farming and to bring about positive change.”

This will be the 14th public meeting of the Dialogue since it was created in 2004. Meetings have taken place in all of the world’s major salmon farming countries. Approximately 600 people have participated in the process. Over the last two years, meetings have focused on research reports commissioned by the Dialogue’s Steering Committee and how to use this research to develop measurable and environmentally meaningful standards.

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