Secretary John Kerry Provides Star Power to Lima Negotiations

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today issued the following statement from Lou Leonard, vice president, climate change, about Secretary John Kerry’s upcoming arrival in Lima:

“US Secretary of State John Kerry coming to Lima provides some much-needed star power to the negotiations during a critical time. The US came into these talks riding a wave of optimism that’s starting to wane as negotiation positions harden. As President Obama's top diplomat, we hope Secretary Kerry will use his well-known diplomatic acumen to unlock critical political issues and reenergize the talks.

“For decades, Secretary Kerry has been an important voice for urgent action in the face of growing climate impacts. Here in Lima, he should help refocus discussions on producing an agreement that responds to the urgency of the science, rather than slipping into a typical standoff with developing countries.

“With his help, the United States should move to strongly support a science-based review of country targets in June. Secretary Kerry should also help these talks focus on action now, not just in 2020. We simply can’t afford to spend all of our time designing a 2020 deal without taking steps to incentivize action now.”