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Statement on IPCC Global Warming Report

WASHINGTON – Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund, issued the following statement regarding the forthcoming report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):

“We expect that the IPCC report findings, when they are officially released, will hold no surprises: global climate change is happening and human activities are the cause.

 “What will be clear from the report’s findings is the heightened urgency of the problem. The world’s leading scientists say the evidence has only grown stronger, to the point of ‘virtual certainty’ that the Earth is warming now and will continue to do so, as result of fossil fuel use and the destruction of the world’s forests.  These changes are having a catastrophic effect upon our natural world.  Clearly, climate change is the biggest threat to conservation and our future.

“But these same scientists tell us there is still hope.  If we act now to begin stabilizing greenhouse gas concentrations, it is not too late to escape the worst effects of global warming.

 “The U.S. emits more greenhouse gasses than any other nation on earth – fully 25 percent – yet we Americans are just 4 percent of the global population. The United States cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.  It must take immediate action to establish meaningful and binding limits on CO2 emissions and rejoin international negotiations to secure a long-term solution.”