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Think You Know the World's Cutest Animal? Cast Your Vote Online and See if Your Favorite Wins

Washington, DC - World Wildlife Fund (WWF) knows conservation science. World Wildlife Fund knows the environment. But do the experts at World Wildlife Fund know cute?

Experts at the world's largest conservation organization are asking the public's help in finding the cutest critter in the world. Right now, World Wildlife Fund is inviting the public to vote on their pick for the most captivating creature. This innovative online election at is aimed at educating everyone about the various endangered or threatened species around the world in a fun and interactive setting.

The competition will feature seven primary elections, with site visitors learning about and then choosing from three different animals from each continent, culminating in a run-off with the primary winners for the world's cutest animal. The three choices for each continent were chosen by WWF staff with the only criteria being that the animal was either endangered, threatened or living in a protected area. The competition among candidates will be fierce, with lesser known animals such as Australia's bilby, North America's pika, and Africa's lemurs competing against the more famous tigers, pandas, and polar bears.

Visitors can sign-up to receive updates to find out if their animal wins and the final results in WWF's e-newsletter. Participants can also choose from 21 different e-cards featuring all the animal candidates to send to their friends and family.