Together Across Faiths, Taking Action on Climate Change

World Wildlife Fund and Global Catholic Climate Movement Join Forces

Washington, DC – Today, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the largest international conservation organization and the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM), the largest coalition of Catholic climate groups, join together to announce a partnership to build bridges between our two global networks and tackle the climate crisis.

WWF has a long history of working with faith-based organizations of all kinds to create a better world for people and nature. From wildlife poaching in East Africa to World Youth Day in Brazil to protecting endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in Cambodia, WWF has worked with people of faith at key moments throughout our history. Today is another such moment.

In June, Pope Francis issued an ‘encyclical’ or teaching on humans’ relationship with the Earth and one another. In it the Pope spoke directly to not just the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, but to all people, calling us to remember our connection to Earth and each other. Pope Francis focused strongly on the dangers of climate change and called for new, bolder cooperation to face it.

Today WWF takes a step to do our part by enthusiastically joining with the Global Catholic Climate Movement, filled with dedicated climate advocates advancing climate and social justice all over the world. From the Philippines to East Africa to the United States, our groups will work together to help communities and ecosystems face the climate crisis.

And in this important year, we will call for another kind of cooperation – a strong agreement in Paris in December where countries agree to collaborate like never before to keep a safer future within reach for all of the creatures of the Earth.

Read more about our joint vision, and join us.