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Voices of WWF Supporters Reach Mexican President in Effort to Save Cabo Pulmo

Mexican President Felipe Calderón has received a letter with nearly 13,000 signatures from WWF supporters, asking him to protect Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico’s Gulf of California. A group of schoolchildren from 25 countries waved flags from all over the world as they delivered the petition to the president’s residence last week.

Saving Cabo Pulmo

The letter asks President Calderón to stop development of a proposed mega resort along the shores of Cabo Pulmo. Construction of the resort would devastate a staggering array of marine life—including coral reefs, lobsters, reef fish and manta rays—that calls Cabo Pulmo home. In total, 6,000 species feed and breed in the marine protected area. Members of the local community also depend on Cabo Pulmo to sustain local community fisheries and provide a thriving tourism industry.

Since its establishment in 1995, Cabo Pulmo has been a conservation success story. Fish populations have increased more than 460 percent. Local communities have found economic opportunities in the ecotourism industry.

WWF takes action

Last fall, WWF created a petition to ask President Calderón to oppose the construction of the resort. Supporters from all over the world responded and signed the petition to protect the marine area. Now, these concerns have been heard loud and clear by the Mexican government.

WWF and its supporters will continue to speak up on behalf of the people and species that depend on Cabo Pulmo for their livelihoods and survival.

How you can help
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