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With Arctic Thawing, Global Leaders Call for Science Collaboration

In response to the joint announcement from today’s White House Arctic Science Ministerial meeting, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Brad Ack, senior vice president for oceans:

“It’s heartening to see global leaders zeroing in on the system-wide changes we’re seeing in the thawing Arctic. There’s no louder siren calling for dramatically accelerating climate action.

“Ministries of science must now ramp up to help fully understand key Arctic systems – such as sea ice, permafrost, and the ice sheets – and the role they play in keeping our global climate stable. We need real-time, big science and cutting edge modelling to give policy makers the information they need to avoid passing points of no return.

“This will take a coordinated, collaborative and coherent approach. Today’s ministerial solidifies government leaders’ intentions to build that approach.”