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World Wildlife Fund Calls for U.S. Action as World Celebrates Climate Change Treaty

Statement by Brooks Yeager, vice president, Global Threats, World Wildlife Fund

WASHINGTON - "As the world celebrates the launch of the first international agreement to protect our living planet from global warming, the United States shouldn't remain paralyzed by inaction--it can do its share by passing the bi-partisan Climate Stewardship Act now in Congress.

"A national policy to limit and reduce our heat-trapping CO2 emissions-such as the Climate Stewardship Act re-introduced in Congress this week-is urgently needed to prevent further environmental damage to U.S. communities in places like Alaska; unique wildlife like corals and polar bears; and critical natural resources like water supplies in the West. If the United States uses existing solutions like wind and solar energy and energy efficient technologies, and fosters American innovation, we can meet this challenge. It's the right first step towards responsible U.S. action.

"The Kyoto Protocol's entry into force brings the potential for economic growth and job creation from innovative clean energy technologies to signatory countries. Right now Europe, Japan and Canada are shaping the market for carbon trading. Federal inaction leaves many U.S. businesses at a competitive disadvantage except for a few pioneering companies that are already switching to existing clean energy solutions and improving efficiencies.

"World Wildlife Fund's work with companies in its Climate Savers and PowerSwitch! Pioneers initiatives demonstrates U.S. businesses can implement innovative technologies to reduce their CO2 emissions. For the national economy as a whole to make similar progress, a national policy like the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act is essential."

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