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WWF and HP Partner to Address Climate Change

In November 2006 WWF and HP began collaborating on several pioneering initiatives to address the causes and consequences of climate change. Through WWF's Climate Savers program, HP officials pledged to reduce emissions from operations and the use of its products by six million tons below 2005 levels by 2010. In addition, the company committed to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent in its operations from 2005 levels, while achieving a 25 percent reduction in the energy used by its products and operations combined below 2005 levels by 2010. HP has also committed to educate and inspire others to adopt best practices, and use HP technology in conservation efforts around the world.

Specific activities supporting these goals include:

  • To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, WWF and HP will identify the best technology and practices to reduce energy use. HP will also continue to investigate and purchase cost-effective renewable energy.
  • HP will report and verify carbon dioxide emissions from its facilities, based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the World Economic Forum's Global Greenhouse Gas Registry.
  • HP will develop energy efficiency measurements for its product categories. Based on those metrics, HP will work with WWF to develop goals for improved product performance and report publicly on progress toward those goals.
  • WWF and HP will define and implement educational efforts to address climate change with key stakeholders and highlight best practices adopted by consumers and businesses.
  • WWF and HP will leverage HP technology to advance the science and practice of adapting and becoming resilient to climate change. An initial project involves funding from HP to study the effects of climate change on the wildlife and habitats of North America's Bering Sea.

HP has also allocated more than $2 million and HP equipment to WWF. The funds will establish three projects furthering WWF's climate adaptation and resilience work:

  • The Epicenter for Climate Conservation will advance climate adaptation and resiliency strategies and projects worldwide. The Epicenter will be driven by HP technology and led by Dr. Lara Hansen, WWF's Chief Climate Scientist.
  • Climate Witness, an innovative online forum to raise global awareness of the tangible consequences of climate change. Climate Witness gathers the stories of individuals and communities that have been impacted by climate change and will share these stories with the world.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Innovation as a Driver of Climate Change Solutions, will work to identify one billion tonnes of carbon reductions through the use of ICT.