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WWF and Sony Work Together to Reduce Climate Change

Washington - World Wildlife Fund congratulates Sony, which has agreed to cut carbon dioxide emissions from both operations and its product range as part of a deal struck with WWF. The company's commitment, which was announced today in Tokyo, includes all its subsidiaries and its production facilities globally, including Japan, China, Europe, and the US.

Sony will cut its absolute CO2 emissions seven percent by 2010, compared to 2000 emissions of 2,183,765 tons.

Sony intends to increase energy efficiency in all its production facilities, switching fuel from oil to renewable energy sources and to natural gas (the latter has fewer CO2 emissions per unit energy produced compared to oil or coal). Sony will also replace some strong greenhouse gases used in specific production systems with more climate-friendly options.

"Sony strives to achieve the commitment agreed under the Climate Savers Programme through a group-wide effort," says Naofumi Hara, Corporate Executive, SVP of the Sony Corporation. "Our company continues to collaborate with various stakeholders in order to prevent global warming."

"Sony's entrance into this agreement shows their dedication to helping reduce the threat of climate change and their willingness to take an active, innovative role as an environmentally conscious leader in the business world," said Suzanne Apple, WWF's Vice President of Business and Industry. "We commend Sony's commitment and look forward to working with them to reduce the impacts of global warming on wildlife and habitats."

Taking its commitment a decisive step further, Sony also committed to increasing the energy efficiency of its appliances. A target to reduce CO2 emissions from its products has been agreed between the two partners. Consumer outreach strategies will also be developed.

Importantly, Sony officially supports the view that the world must stay below the danger threshold of 2°C warming of global average temperature above pre-industrial times.

"Sony is the first Japanese company in consumer electronics to take corporate responsibility this far," said Jennifer Morgan, Director of WWF International's Climate Change Programme. "It intends to make the best effort, in terms of energy efficiency, for the benefit of its clients, its own business and for the future of the planet."