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WWF Applauds Potlatch Corporation for Commitment to Responsible Forestry

Statement from Kerry Cesareo, Manager of WWF's North America Forest & Trade Network

"World Wildlife Fund applauds Potlatch Corporation for being a leader in responsible forest management in the U.S. With today's announcement that all 1.5 million acres of Potlatch forest land in Arkansas, Idaho, and Minnesota are now certified to the rigorous standards of the Forest Stewardship Council -- along with FSC certification for most of its processing facilities -- Potlatch joins a growing number of visionary forest products companies operating around the world. Through their corporate environmental policies and responsible forestry practices, these companies are demonstrating that responsible forestry can provide long-term, stable supplies of timber and access to markets for responsibly-produced forest products.

"WWF, through its Global Forest & Trade Network, currently works with more than 400 companies from around the world and from all points on the supply chain. All of these companies have made a commitment to support responsible forestry by pursuing credible certification. Diverse stakeholders such as lending institutions, architects, and public land management agencies are also increasingly working with WWF to develop markets around responsible and certified forest products. This market mechanism has a positive impact on business, forests and the diversity of life they harbor, and the livelihoods of people who depend on forests.

"With today's announcement, Potlatch distinguishes itself as a leading member of the global business community committed to healthy business and healthy forests."