WWF Calls on President Obama to Veto Bill that would Block Climate Change Action

Washington DC - World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s Director of International Climate Policy Keya Chatterjee, issued the following statement today ahead of the expected passage of the EU-ETS Prohibition Act by the House of Representatives:

“Following the devastating impacts of Sandy, and an election that provided an opening for action on climate change, the first act of the US Congress after the storm unfortunately likely will be to pass an anti-climate action bill.

“This is the first post-election, post-Sandy climate test for the US government, and we are watching closely to see how both the House of Representatives and the President do.

“The President’s slogan for the campaign was ‘Forward,’ but this bill would certainly take us backwards on the issue of addressing climate change.

“We call on President Obama to veto this misguided bill and firmly establish his credibility on climate change and protecting the environment at the outset of his second term. This is his first opportunity to take real action on climate change in the next four years, and we hope he makes the right choice.

“Progress is being made to regulate carbon pollution from aviation through the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), but far too slowly. This week, the EU has shown flexibility to help speed up that process, and the US Congress responded by passing a counterproductive bill that turns its back on the olive branch extended by the EU.

"The House, like the Senate, has now called for the Obama Administration to proactively find a global solution to tackling aviation emissions. We wholeheartedly agree that this is the best approach, provided it has environmental integrity.

“Unfortunately this bill is fundamentally flawed: it presumes the US can disregard other country's laws, it effectively calls for a trade war with one of our largest trading partners and strongest allies, and it potentially puts American families on the hook for billions of dollars to bail out the airlines for their failure to abide by international law.

“This bill is bad for the planet and bad for the American people, and we urge the president to veto it should it reach his desk.”