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WWF Calls Senate Bill with Carbon Target a Crucial Step

Statement by Brooks Yeager Vice President of Global Threats, World Wildlife Fund

WASHINGTON - Today the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee took an important step towards establishing a responsible approach to global warming in the United States. The Clean Power Act is landmark clean-up legislation for power plants that reduces levels of four major air pollutants, including carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping gas primarily responsible for global warming. In the United States, power plants are the biggest source of carbon pollution.

WWF congratulates Senator Jeffords for his leadership in bringing this bill forward. The United States has the technologies available to reduce harmful power plant pollution. Unless and until Congress mandates improvements, experience has shown that these technologies will stay on the shelf and power plant owners will keep increasing emissions. If Congress does not complete action on a bill to limit carbon pollution from power plants soon, we will miss a golden opportunity to prevent more serious impacts of global warming.

The rest of the world is tackling global warming by implementing the Kyoto Protocol and putting in place measures to cut carbon pollution. Measures like the Clean Power Act of 2001 can help ensure that the United States uses its technological leadership to protect people, wildlife and their habitats around the world from increasing carbon pollution.