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WWF CEO Praises President-Elect Obama For Remarks At Governors Global Climate Summit

Gov. Schwarzenegger Hosts US Governors, Foreign Leaders to Discuss Climate Policy Measures as Prelude to Upcoming UN Climate Conference in Poland

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 18, 2008 – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) CEO Carter Roberts praised President-elect Barack Obama for his remarks today before the Governors’ Global Climate Summit being held in Los Angeles.  Roberts, who is speaking at the Summit, issued the following statement:

"Today President-elect Obama gave us his first official statements on climate and without a doubt he nailed it. He sees clearly the huge risk that climate change poses to our economy and our future, and he understands that solving climate change is a foundation for a global economic recovery. The right climate legislation and the right investments will create jobs and economic opportunities across the US and around the world.

 “President-elect Obama's emphasis on the central role that federal cap and trade legislation will play is particularly important.  U.S. leadership on climate and our success in combating climate change will rely on smart, effective cap and trade legislation, and it is very encouraging to know that the President-Elect plans to make it a top priority.

 “American leadership is essential to moving the world in the right direction on one of our greatest challenges - one that's fundamental to our lives and to the future of our planet.  President-elect Obama's message could not come at a better time.

 “We also salute Governor Schwarzenegger for convening this conference, which sets the stage for the upcoming UNFCC Climate Conference in Poland next month. In the absence of leadership at the federal level, visionary governors across the US have continued to push for progressive policies. With President-elect Obama pledging to make climate a major focus of his presidency, we are optimistic that we will finally begin to make genuine progress on this critically important issue."



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