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WWF Collaborates with Nissui's King and Prince Seafood to Assess Wild-Caught Fisheries and to Develop Sourcing Strategy

WASHINGTON, DC, August 24, 2010 – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today announced a new collaboration with King & Prince Seafood, a leading North American supplier of seafood and subsidiary of Nissui, the world’s largest producer of seafood, to assess its source fisheries and develop a wild-caught seafood sourcing strategy. The one-year project began August 1, 2010.

WWF will undertake assessments of King & Prince’s top 20 wild-caught source species and then use that information to develop a sustainable sourcing strategy that will drive the company’s seafood purchases. This includes evaluating Marine Stewardship Council certification for wild species. WWF will also work closely with King & Prince to determine how the company and its suppliers can engage in select WWF fishery improvement projects currently underway.

“In order to achieve our conservation objectives for sustainable seafood, we need to engage leading companies like King & Prince in the process,” said Bill Fox, vice president of WWF's fisheries program. “Their commitment to sourcing wild caught seafood more sustainably demonstrates the business value of protecting ecosystems and ensuring the availability of seafood to meet rising consumer demand.”

Fishing is the principal livelihood for over 200 million people around the world and the primary source of protein for about 950 million people. Yet since the 1950s, it is estimated that over 75% of the marine fish stocks are now either fully exploited or overfished. The world’s oceans and the marine life they sustain are at risk.

“This collaboration with an internationally recognized expert NGO like WWF is an important step to accelerate and validate our ongoing efforts in safeguarding the sustainability of our raw material supplies, which is a non-negotiable aspect in our customer service,” said Volker Kuntzsch, President of King & Prince.

King & Prince and WWF will work in tandem to develop and implement a comprehensive wild-caught seafood sourcing strategy based on the initial assessment of K&P’s supply matrix.