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WWF Condemns Iceland's Decision to Begin Whaling

Statement by Richard N. Mott, Vice President for International Policy

Washington - World Wildlife Fund condemned the announcement by Iceland today that it would begin hunting 38 minke whales this month under the guise of science. The announcement comes just 9 months after Iceland rejoined the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which bans commercial whaling but allows for limited killing of whales for scientific research.

Richard N. Mott, vice president for international policy at WWF, said:

"With this whale hunt, Iceland is thumbing its nose at the international community. Like Japan before it, Iceland is clearly abusing the IWC's scientific exemption for other purposes. This hunt is about meat, not science.

"Scientists with the International Whaling Commission recently published an article noting the deficiencies in Iceland's proposal and stating that there is no need to kill whales to gather the scientific data for managing whales, which Iceland claims it is seeking. Such information can be gathered through harmless biopsies, but that kind of science provides no meat for Icelandic whalers to sell to consumers. We urge Iceland to reconsider its decision."