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WWF: Federal Report Confirms Climate Change’s Impacts on US Communities

In response to today’s release of the Fourth National Climate Assessment by the US Global Change Research Program, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Lou Leonard, senior vice president, climate change and energy:

“This US government report is an urgent reminder of what we are seeing with our own eyes from Houston to Puerto Rico to California. Our climate is rapidly changing and it’s affecting the safety, health and prosperity of every single American. It’s unfortunate that the policies and direction of the US administration are not being guided by the findings of America’s best scientists.

“This report underscores that -- whatever is happening in Washington -- communities need to respond to these worsening conditions and prepare for more and costly impacts ahead. Fortunately, while the federal government rolls back its efforts to address the climate crisis, American business leaders and local officials are picking up the slack. Many of these American leaders will be showing up at COP 23 in Bonn to show other nations that the United States is cutting emissions and preparing for growing change.”

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