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WWF Hosts Indonesia Pulp and Paper Roundtable

The Global Forest & Trade Network - North America (GFTN-NA) hosted a Roundtable for investors and buyers of pulp and paper from Indonesia, a country that currently has the highest deforestation rate in the world and is the third largest contributor of CO2 emissions due to illegal and unsustainable forest management practices. More than 55 influential companies were in attendance, including GFTN-NA Participants Procter & Gamble and Domtar, as well as Citi Group, a GFTN supporter. Roundtable attendees received firsthand knowledge from experts from Indonesia, academia and the non-governmental organization (NGO) community on the environmentally and socially harmful policies and practices of the Indonesian pulp and paper industry. They also learned how they can use their purchasing and investing power to secure sound management of Indonesia's most threatened remaining natural forests. 

Presentations covered issues such as deforestation and forest conversion in Indonesia and its harmful impacts on biodiversity and indigenous communities, and investment best practices to minimize risks to financial institutions supporting pulp and paper companies in Indonesia.To help WWF effort to combat illegal and unsustainable logging by promoting responsible forest management of valuable and threatened forests, all roundtable attendees are being asked to evaluate their procurement, eliminate illegal and unwanted sources, and adopt responsible purchasing policies and programs.

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