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WWF President, Carter Roberts Statement on State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON – Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund, issued the following statement following President Bush’s State of the Union address.

“Tonight the President took a long overdue step toward acknowledging global warming as a significant threat to the nation. Fuel efficiency and alternative fuels have to be considered as part of a larger solution, but the measures outlined this evening fall far short of what the majority of Americans, a growing number of states, and an increasing number of CEOs are demanding: a comprehensive approach that includes a mandatory cap of emissions across sectors.

“A comprehensive approach to global warming must be a central piece of our effort to achieve energy security. And that same effort must take care to avoid trading one problem for another. For example, it makes little sense to address energy security by endangering other vital natural resources upon which we depend, as the President did in overturning his father's moratorium on drilling in Alaska’s Bristol Bay – our most productive salmon fishery.

“Managing U.S. energy needs must be part and parcel of an overall ‘environmental security’ strategy grounded in a deeper respect for the sound and sustainable management of natural resources. Such a strategy is fundamental to the long-term health, prosperity and security of this nation.”