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WWF: President Obama Should Veto KXL Legislation

In response to today's passage of Congressional legislation on the Keystone XL pipeline, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Todd Shelton, vice president for US government relations:

“The President should veto this legislation which sidesteps an important State Department-led process that will determine whether the approval of the pipeline is in the national interest. The impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline go far beyond climate change. It would fragment America’s last great swath of grasslands and threaten a region that supports an incredible diversity of wildlife.

“The US must exert strong leadership in charting a course to a future powered by clean, renewable energy rather than dirty and dangerous fossil fuels. Signing the Keystone XL legislation would send the wrong signal to international leaders looking to deliver a new global climate pact in Paris later this year, and undercut our nation’s ability to drive progress toward that goal.”

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