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WWF: President’s Climate Action Plan Comes into Clearer Focus through Climate Action Report

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Lou Leonard, head of climate change programs, in response to today’s release of the US Climate Action Report which details the steps our nation is taking to tackle climate change:

“Today's report provides a first chance to look under the hood of the President’s Climate Action Plan. It shows the kind of all-of-government approach needed to prepare the US for increasing climate extremes, while moving the country away from fossil fuels and toward a 100% renewable energy future.

“Meeting our international commitments to reduce emissions by 17% will require the administration to ambitiously use all of the tools at its disposal, including strong standards for new and existing power plants. The report shows the target is achievable, but by no means yet certain.

“Other nations like Mexico, China and those in the EU are watching closely to see whether the US will make good on its promises and show global leadership. As the first-of-its-kind report under new international guidelines, the assessment should set a strong example of transparency and thoroughness.

“By involving Americans through a public comment period, the Administration is asking, ‘Are we doing enough to tackle climate change?’ Over the next month, I expect they’ll hear, ‘This is a good start. Now, let’s do even more.’”

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