WWF's Response to the Release of the America's Pledge Report

In response to the release of the America’s Pledge report, which outlines a pathway for how the United States can meet and even exceed its Paris Agreement goal, Elan Strait, World Wildlife Fund Director of US Climate Campaigns issued the following statement:

“At its core, this report illustrates that thanks to the efforts and innovations of leaders across the country there is a pathway for America to keep its commitment to the Paris Agreement, despite current federal efforts to roll back climate action.

“Together, American coalitions of states, cities, businesses, and others represent 68 percent of U.S. GDP, 65 percent of the U.S. population, and 51 percent of U.S. emissions. If they were a country, these coalitions would represent the world’s second largest economy.

“At a time when Americans, and the world, demand national leaders to set more ambitious goals for emissions reductions, this sends a clear message to the President and Congress: step up and work together to address the climate crisis.”