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WWF Statement on 2015 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum

In response to today’s announcement from the National Snow and Ice Data Center that 2015 Arctic sea ice extent reached its 4th lowest level on record, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from Margaret Williams, managing director for US Arctic programs:

“The dramatic loss of summer sea ice during the warmest year on record is further evidence of our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels. Dwindling sea ice is a stark reminder of the destruction climate change wages on our most vulnerable wildlife and communities.

“Recent images of 35,000 walrus literally climbing onto Alaska’s shores, paint a dramatic visual of our rapidly unraveling Arctic. Next week, as world and religious leaders convene in the US, these climate trends must drive home the need for decisive action toward reducing our global emissions. After decades of delay, further inaction is unacceptably risky.”