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WWF Statement on Administration Energy Plan Proposed by President Bush

Statement by Katherine Silverthorne, Director, WWF US Climate Change Program, on Administration Energy Plan Proposed Today by President Bush

WASHINGTON - "The Administration plan continues to leave the United States dependent on outdated technologies and misses the environmental opportunity to switch from dirty coal to clean renewable energy.

"While hydrogen fuel cells may play an important role in our future search for clean, reliable power, a responsible plan to manage climate and energy risks must also implement the solutions available today - renewable wind and solar energy, and energy efficiency.

"Whether the hydrogen is derived from dirty fossil fuels or clean, renewable energy sources makes all the difference in the world. Establishing a hydrogen economy based on dirty fossil fuels is not an environmental solution.

"The Administration plan completely misses the environmental promise of hydrogen fuel cells when it seeks to use outdated and polluting coal and nuclear power to generate hydrogen. An environmental approach would use hydrogen to store the power generated by intermittent, renewable resources such as wind and solar power. Such an innovative approach would move the United States towards true energy independence and a better environment now and for future generations."