WWF Statement on Artic Sea Ice Maximum – Second Lowest on Record

In response to today’s announcement from the National Snow and Ice Data Center on the second lowest Arctic sea ice maximum on record World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from David Aplin, interim managing director of WWF’s US Arctic program:

“A melting Arctic is the new normal – and its effects are felt far and wide, from rising sea levels to a changing Jetstream to freezing temperatures and drought in the mainland US. A healthy Arctic is vital for a healthy planet, and if we continue on this precarious path, there will be dire consequences for Arctic communities, wildlife and ecosystems – and for the world.

“It is essential that we take action now to reduce emissions and move toward a low-carbon economy and climate-resilient world. It is our shared responsibility to safeguard the Arctic and our planet from the ill effects of climate change, and we have no time to spare in doing so.”