WWF Statement on EPA's Affordable Clean Energy Rule

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released its final "Affordable Clean Energy" rule -- a replacement for the Clean Power Plan. In response, WWF released the following statement from Carter Roberts, President & CEO:

“This rule enables dirty power plants to keep polluting – grounding federal energy policy firmly in past and saddling future generations with the costs of unchecked climate change. And it ignores the surging trend toward renewable energy from new leaders in American business and local government.

“This decision also makes clear that Congress needs to establish a bipartisan climate policy that cuts emissions in half by 2030 and reaches zero emissions by midcentury. Executive actions like this will continue to be challenged in court or reversed by future presidents. The climate crisis demands better than a political merry-go-round. We urge Members from both parties to seek progress where they can, and to lay a foundation for a comprehensive US climate policy as soon as possible.”