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WWF Statement on Latest Negotiating Text at UN Climate Tallks

WWF issued the following statement from Tasneem Essop, WWF’s head of delegation to the UN climate talks in Paris, in response to the release today of a new draft negotiating text:

“We still have the ingredients for an ambitious outcome in Paris.

“But they still haven’t taken the hard decisions yet. Ministers now have just two days to decide to either put us on a path that will limit us to 1.5C of warming, or towards a 3C world.

“The text now includes more options to have all nations come back to the table by 2020 to improve their current pledges. That said, they’ll need to close existing loopholes to make sure any pre-2020 review and ratcheting up mechanism is comprehensive – covering adaptation, finance, and emissions reductions - and does not let some countries off the hook.”