WWF Statement on New US Arctic Drilling Standards

In response to the Department of the Interior’s new Arctic offshore drilling safety regulations, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Brad Ack, senior vice president for oceans:

“The Department of Interior’s work developing safety regulations rightly acknowledges the extreme conditions in the Arctic. But offshore Arctic oil and gas are by far the riskiest fuel resources in the U.S. estate, with extreme cold, tumultuous seas, shifting ice and periods of extended darkness standing between us and them.

“Accidents can and do happen, and in this extreme environment, the only truly safe approach to protect the unique and fragile Arctic offshore environment is no drilling whatsoever.

“Beyond the immediate threats, opening the Arctic to offshore drilling undermines the President’s welcome and needed leadership on stabilizing the climate. Burning these fossil fuels would push us beyond any chance of dramatically reducing global carbon emissions, which is needed to stabilize the climate and our future. No safety regulations will change that fundamental equation.”