WWF Statement on Permanent Arctic Protections

In response to today’s Obama administration decision permanently protecting critical parts of America’s Arctic from the risks of offshore drilling, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from President and CEO Carter Roberts:

“This is a remarkable moment of US-Canadian leadership in protecting our shared resources. After years of engagement in the Arctic, President Obama has secured more than 115 million acres of ocean in one of the most magnificent regions on Earth – home to the culture and tradition of our indigenous communities, as well as walrus, whales, and seascapes unique in all the world.

“We applaud this bold decision. It underscores our nation's inevitable transition to cleaner energy and signals that some places are just too important not to protect. And with our neighbors, will inspire the world to do likewise.

“This action continues a long tradition, starting with Lincoln and Roosevelt, of presidents conserving the best parts of America. This is a big deal – a defining part of our country that’s just as important as Yosemite and Yellowstone.”

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