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WWF Statement on the Loss of a Vaquita Porpoise

A vaquita porpoise - the world’s most critically endangered marine mammal - died few hours after being rescued by the Vaquita CPR (Conservation, Protection, and Recovery) team, on November 4. In relation to this unfortunate event, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said:


“WWF is deeply saddened by this outcome. Although CPR is highly risky, we recognize that the Mexican government and the CPR expert team are embarking on a bold and necessary endeavor to save vaquitas from extinction. The acoustic and visual monitoring and the CPR efforts clearly show that there are mothers and calves in the area, which indicates that vaquitas are still breeding. This situation more than ever emphasizes the need to secure a gillnet-free environment for the last surviving vaquitas and the other marine species that make the Upper Gulf of California such an iconic place. WWF reiterates its commitment to continue supporting and financing the in-situ work, which includes acoustic monitoring and ‘ghost’ net retrieval, to achieve a healthy habitat for marine biodiversity and local communities.”