WWF: Time for Negotiators to “Get Their Hands Dirty” in Lima

WWF issued the following statement by Tasneem Essop, WWF’s Head of Delegation, on the current state of the UN climate talks in Lima, Peru ahead of the high-level session starting Tuesday:

"Negotiators came to Lima riding a wave of optimism and hope. After a few days of false starts, parties rolled up their sleeves and are getting to work.

"Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want to get their hands dirty. They seem to have forgotten that they are here to solve a planetary emergency. In particular, efforts to cut emissions before 2020 – when science says emissions must peak to avoid the worst consequences of climate change - have completely fallen off the political radar. Negotiators here are fixing the fire alarms while the building burns.

"In negotiations yesterday, the EU, Canada, the US, New Zealand and Australia deleted detailed references in the draft text related to a review or a revisit of their existing commitments in the pre-2020 period, and with the excuse that it was covered in the Warsaw agreement.

"What this COP needs is a consistent and explicit reminder of the actions required in the pre-2020 period. Any deal that doesn’t address an emissions peak before 2020 is a sure fall into a quicksand of deadly climate impacts.

"We cannot sacrifice a scientifically and equitably sound deal for a weak political outcome in Paris."