2014 International Smart Gear Competition

Innovate. Improve. Protect.

The 2014 International Smart Gear Competition seeks innovative, environmentally friendly ways to reduce the amount of fisheries bycatch. 

Open to all, the competition has attracted entries from all kinds of people who care about fishing— from gear technologists and fishermen to engineers and chemists. Our international judges panel includes fisheries experts, gear technologists, fishermen, scientists, researchers and conservationists.

Please take time to read through the competition rules before filling out your entry form. 

The 2014 competition is now closed. For more information, email [email protected].

Competition prizes

Grand Prize

Runners-Up (2)

Special Tuna Bycatch Reduction Prize

Special Marine Mammal Bycatch Reduction Prize

The 2014 Smart Gear Competition Judges  

Chris Glass—University of Rhode Island, Northeast Consortium

Andy Revill—Consultant

Martin Hall—IATTC

John Watson—Consultant

Matt Broadhurst—NSW Department of Primary Industry

Steve Eayrs—Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Gary Graham—Texas Sea Grant

Svein Lokkeborg—International Marine Research

Ed Melvin—Washington Sea Grant

Paul Winger—Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources

David Laist—Marine Mammal Commission


2014 Sponsors