Eco-system Approach to Fisheries Management in Eastern Indonesia (Fisheries Management Area (FMA) – 715, 717 & 718)


Indonesia’s coast is home to over 600 species of reef-building corals, 2,000 species of reef fish, and more than 120 million coastal people who depend on these waters for their protein and/or livelihoods. In partnership with Conservation International, the GEF-funded project, “Eco-system Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) in Eastern Indonesia,” protects Indonesia’s coastal fisheries from overfishing, destructive fishing practices, and damaging terrestrial practices. The project will help improve the management of 5.5 million hectares of seascape, and move 400,000 tons of over-exploited fisheries to more sustainable levels. These project impacts contribute to the broader Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) Program, which also works to improve global coastal fisheries governance with other geographic focuses in Latin America and West Africa.

  • Misool, Indonesia

    A shark fishing boat loaded with gear in Indonesia

  • Misool, Indonesia

    A school of fish in Misool, Indonesia

  • Ships in Indonesia

    Indonesian fishing village

Country: Indonesia
Focal area: International Waters, Biodiversity
Project status: Implementation
GEF Project ID: 9129
Program: Coastal Fisheries Initiative #9060
Implementing Agency: WWF-US, CI
Executing Agency and partners: Ministry of Marine Affairs Fisheries, KEHATI
GEF Project Grant: US$ 10,183,486
Co-financing: US$ 52,071,783
GEF Agency Fee: US $668,808 (WWF-US) US$247, 706 (CI)
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