Enhancing Biodiversity Conservation and Reducing Climate Vulnerability in Central Vietnam for Sustainable Development Utilizing a Landscape Approach

Hikers rest after walking Viet Nam hills in background

Vietnam is the 16th most biodiverse country in the world. Vietnam’s terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems support nearly 50,000 species, including nearly 7,500 micro-organisms, 20,000 terrestrial and aquatic plants, 10,500 terrestrial animals, 2,000 invertebrates and freshwater fish, and over 11,000 marine species. Wetlands and forests are considered of highest global importance for biodiversity conservation and the mitigation of climate change hosting the highest level of biodiversity, playing a crucial role in provisioning and regulating ecosystem services and in carbon sequestration. Forest covers 42% of Vietnam’s land area with a total of 14.7 million ha, while the country has a diverse array of wetlands totaling 12 million ha or one third of the natural area. Despite best efforts, Vietnam has been coping with increasing levels fragmentation and disconnected islands of biodiversity from high rates of deforestation and biodiversity decline and high levels of Illegal wildlife trade are giving rise to empty forests.

The WWF GEF Project ‘Enhancing biodiversity conservation and reducing climate vulnerability in Central Vietnam for sustainable development utilizing a landscape approach’ aims to enhance biodiversity conservation and mitigate climate vulnerability through a comprehensive landscape approach in Central Vietnam. The project will support development of a multi-stakeholder, long-term vision for the landscape, and bring in public and private sector funding for improved management across the landscape to deliver this vision and generate triple wins for nature, climate, and people.

  • Greater Mekong Deforestation

    The project will establish a landscape-scale conservation model

  • Aerial photo of Doi Village

    The project will establish a landscape-scale conservation model

  • A pangolin sits on a tree branch on a reserve in India

    Vietnam has been coping with high levels of Illegal wildlife trade

Country: Viet Nam
Focal Area: Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation
Project Status: Project Development
GEF Project ID: 11395
Implementing Agency: WWF-US
Executing Agency: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)
GEF Project Grant: USD $9,000,000
Co-Financing: USD $73,000,000
GEF Agency Fee: USD $810,000

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