Greening Transportation Infrastructure Development in the Philippines-GRID-PHI

Landscape photo of road surrounded by trees

Under the Greening Transportation Infrastructure Development -GRID Integrated Program -IP, the child project “Greening Transportation Infrastructure Development in the Philippines” -GRID-PHI will work to mainstream and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem considerations in transportation planning nationwide. Subnationally, the project will more directly target Agusan del Norte province and the larger Caraga region of Mindanao, working to influence significant future road infrastructure investments through integrated and inclusive planning. The project will support the following interventions:

  • Strengthening regulations, policies, and the National Transportation Master Plan for climate-resilient and nature-positive infrastructure development
  • Enhancing investment planning for nature-positive, low-carbon, and climate-resilient infrastructure
  • Developing frameworks and methodologies to consistently identify and mitigate climate, environmental, economic, and social risks associated with infrastructure projects

The project will be anchored to the Asia Development Bank (ADB)-Republic of Philippines Infrastructure Preparation and Investment Facility (IPIF). It will complement ADB’s loan resources by developing cross-cutting tools and frameworks to integrate biodiversity and climate considerations into prefeasibility, feasibility, and detailed engineering design studies. The approaches developed under the project will be subsequently implemented in IPIF projects using loan proceeds, targeting $15 billion in infrastructure projects.

  • Aerial view of Tanintharyi region, Myanmar.

    Aiming to improve siting decisions that avoid critical habitats

  • Construction next to the Oued Ouargha in Morocco

    Aiming to improve siting decisions that avoid critical habitats

  •  Deforestation aerial photo of lush green forest on the left and bare brown dirt next to it on the right

    Aiming to improve siting decisions that avoid critical habitats

Country: The Philippines
Focal Area: Biodiversity
Project Status: Project Development
GEF Project ID: 11471
Implementing Agency: Asia Development Bank and WWF-US
Executing Agency: Department of Public Works and Highways
GEF Project Grant: USD $3,532,200
Co-Financing: USD $254,125,000
GEF Agency Fee: USD $317,800

PFD Stage Documents: