Photos from Camera Traps in Ecuador

  • Santiago Espinosa

    Russell E. Train Fellow, Santiago Espinosa

  • Lowland Tapir

    Lowland Tapir

  • Lesser anteater

    Lesser anteater

  • Jaguar


  • Jaguar


  • Collared peccaries

    Collared peccaries

  • Collared peccary

    Collared peccary

  • White-lipped pecarries

    White-lipped pecarries

  • Lowland paca

    Lowland paca

  • Tayra or long-tailed weasel

    Tayra or long-tailed weasel

  • Forest rabbit

    Forest rabbit

  • Roque and Daniel Alvarado, field assistants

    Roque and Daniel Alvarado, field assistants

  • Red brocket deer

    Red brocket deer

  • Sloth and baby

    Sloth and baby

  • Giant armadillo

    Giant armadillo

  • Jaguar


  • Puma


  • Short-eared dog

    Short-eared dog

  • Giant anteater and baby

    Giant anteater and baby

In 2006, Ecuadorian conservationist Santiago Espinosa received a Russell E. Train Fellowship from WWF’s Education for Nature Program (EFN) to conduct research in wildlife ecology. Santiago’s research involved spending long periods of time in the Amazonian rainforest. He captured photos that highlight the spectacular wildlife that lives in Yasuní National Park.

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