Securing a Living Amazon through Landscape Connectivity in Southern Guyana

Jaguar lying down watching camera

Part of a geological formation known as the Guiana Shield, Guyana is home to unique ecosystems and biodiversity, with approximately 8,000 species of plants, 224 mammals, 815 birds, 309 herps and 922 freshwater fishes. However, Guyana’s forests are experiencing degradation, fragmentation, and unsustainable exploitation of forest resources due to unplanned land-use expansion and unsustainable land/water use from logging and mining sectors, new infrastructure (e.g. roads and trails), and wildlife harvesting.

Under the Amazon Sustainable Landscape Impact Program (GEF 7), Guyana’s Child Project will aim at strengthening and improving landscape connectivity through the establishment of conservation areas (800,000 ha) and the management of productive areas (400,000 ha) within southern Guyana. Through these strategies, the project will contribute to the ASL programme’s vision of long-term conservation of globally important biodiversity and connectivity of key Amazon landscapes.

Country: Guyana
Focal area: Biodiversity
Project status: Implementation
GEF Project ID: 10288
Amazon Sustainable Landscapes II #10198
Implementing Agency: WWF-US
Executing Agency:
Environmental Protection Agency
GEF Project Grant:
US $5,152,752
GEF Agency Fee: US $477,248
Co-financing: US $4,624,395

  • River from above curving through forest
  • Giant Otter peeks head out of the water while swimming in a small lake near the Rio do Coco in Parque Estadual do Cantão, Tocantins, Brazil.
  • aerial view of the Amazon
  • Capybara (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris)

Child Project Concept Stage Documents:

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Environmental and Social Safeguards Documents: