Sustainable Luangwa: Securing Luangwa’s Water Resources for Shared Socioeconomic and Environmental Benefits Through Integrated Catchment Management


The Luangwa river – one of the last long free-flowing rivers in Zambia and one of the largest unaltered river systems in southern Africa – is an essential source of water for adjacent populations, with global important biodiversity and natural resources. However, critical forests surrounding the river’s source are being impacted by shifting agriculture, agricultural expansion, wood collection, livestock grazing and wildlife poaching. This project will work with communities and government to propose a Water Resource Protected Area in the headwaters, improve small farmers’ agricultural practices and designate community forests to reduce land degradation and biodiversity loss in the Luangwa headwaters, protecting its water resources, biodiversity and associated livelihoods.

Country: Zambia
Focal Area: Biodiversity and Land Degradation
Project Status: Implementation
GEF ID: 10412
Executing agencies: Ministry of Green Economy and Environment and WWF Zambia
GEF Project Grant: US$ 2,889,155
GEF Agency Fee: US$ 260,023
Co-financing: US$ 21,849,200

  • Elephants congregate on the banks of the Luangwa River, Zambia

    Elephants in the Luangwa River

  • A woman carefully selects fruit, while traveling with her baby to Lusaka - Luangwa Bridge Market, Zambia

    Market in Luangwa

  • The Luangwa River

    the banks of the Luangwa River